Holiday King of the Hill

PicsArt_12-15-05.23.29Today I saw the same person post two different pictures. The first one said “This is a Christian nation and if you don’t like Christmas then GET OUT” followed by a post that said “If your religion leads you to hate someone you need a new religion”.


I can’t open my Facebook feed, read a news article or a comment without finding someone telling non-Christians to get out of “their” country. It’s getting overwhelming and this nonsense has to STOP!

No one holiday or religion has claim to the entirety of December! There are countless holidays this time of year and people celebrating each one! Let’s spend the time of year where we’re supposed to be joyful and neighborly and actually be joyful and neighborly!

I’ll celebrate my holiday. You’ll celebrate your holiday. My neighbor four houses down and to the left will probably loudly celebrate whatever they seem to celebrate every weekend. None of us are wrong! The only time we could be wrong is when we decide our holiday reigns supreme over the rest and rub it in the faces of others!

Play nice!  Keep your hands, feet, and religious attacks to yourself! Or I’ll pull this non-denominational holiday tree over!


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